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Oldest living MLB player, at 99, lives in Charlotte. And he has a great story to tell.

Fred Caligiuri, 99, smiles as as he talks about his time in baseball, while in his apartment in Charlotte on Tuesday, July 3, 2018. Caligiuri is the oldest living former MLB player.
Can a healthy 2018 Panthers receiving corps can be a 180-degree flip from 2017?
Former Charlotte coach Bobby Lutz, for a week, back in the game. Could it become more?
Hornets leaving Charlotte for training camp at one of Michael Jordan’s old haunts
This Panthers investor is giving away millions he made from the team’s sale
Knee injury sidelines possible Charlotte 49ers starter, but for how long?
Panthers running backs have a new plan to bounce back from underwhelming 2017 season
No more shortcut: NASCAR’s Roval tests to resume on course altered to stop cheating
Cardinals’ interim boss began polishing his resume at future stars’ feet in Charlotte
Chicago White Sox, Charlotte Knights fans await the next big thing

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