Charlotte Hornets

Colorful parasols are a hit in sunny Shenzhan


I thought those were two or more generations ago until I went out for a walk Friday morning before Charlotte Hornets practice. Apparently they’re a big thing among fashionable young ladies in China.

A parasol is a lightweight umbrella used by women to protect themselves from the sun, not the rain. In Shenzhen it seems every other female office worker has one. Predominantly pink, but in more colors than Al Jefferson has post moves.

I thought parasols died a quiet death with my grandparents’ generation, but I can see why they’re a hit here in Shenzhen, which has a subtropical climate.

Friday wasn’t particularly hot with highs in the mid-80s Fahrenheit. But the sun was bearing down at noon and the humidity made the conditions sticky. (Reminded me and some others in the Hornets traveling party of New Orleans weather.)

So when the office towers emptied out for lunch at noon I was baffled for a minute by all the women unfolding umbrellas. Figured there must be a sudden cloud burst in the offing, except there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.

That was the point. No sunburns here.