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What Jake Bentley, Bryan Edwards said when asked about the NFL draft

Both South Carolina quarterback Jake Bentley and wide receiver Bryan Edwards took steps to at least look at the NFL draft.

Both said they have submitted their paperwork for draft evaluations. The current system allows player to submit their names and get grades of first rounder, second rounder or come back to school.

Both said while they’ve done that, they’re taking the process slowly.

“It’s just kind of a see-what-happens-type thing,” Edwards said. “Taking it one day at a time. There’s nothing particular I’m looking for.”

CBS Sports has Edwards ranked as the No. 86 player in the draft. It does not list Bentley among the top seven quarterbacks.

“Some of the juniors submitted that just to see what they would say,” Bentley said. “Waiting on that. But really just trying to focus on what we’re trying to do here. That’s a cliché thing to say, but that’s really the mindset of everyone.

“Just trying to put it off until after to bowl game to make a decision.”

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