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What’s next for UNC?

UNC received from the NCAA a notice of allegations on May 20. Here are the next steps in the NCAA's investigative process:


From the day a school receives a notice of allegations, it has 90 days to respond. UNC will have until Aug. 18 to respond to the NOA. A university's response can include any challenges to the alleged violations, and the response could also include any penalties it chooses to self-impose. UNC athletic director Bubba Cunningham has said UNC would not self-impose penalties in this case. UNC can ask for an extension to respond to the NOA.


Once the NCAA receives the university's response to the NOA, a hearing is scheduled before the Committee on Infractions, which is the judge and jury in the NCAA investigative process. The time between the response to the NOA and the appearance before the infractions committee can vary. In the NCAA's 2011 investigation into UNC's football program, UNC responded to the NOA on Sept. 19, 2011, and appeared before the COI on Oct. 28.


About six to eight weeks – or longer – after going before the COI, it will issue its final report, which will contain any penalties the university will face for its NCAA violations. The COI report is released to the public, but names are redacted. It took about 19 weeks – 136 days – for UNC to receive the ruling in the earlier NCAA case. It received that ruling on March 12, 2012.


From the day it receives the COI report, UNC will have 15 days to appeal to the reports conclusions or penalties. The time it takes the COI to respond to the appeal varies, but the committee's decision is final.