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Who’s the guy in Steph Curry’s No. 30 Davidson jersey at Warriors games?

It is not difficult to spot Dr. Michael Sherman in his seat behind the scorer’s table at Golden State Warriors home games.

Among the sea of yellow and blue shirts in Oracle Arena, Sherman stands in sharp contrast wearing a bright red Davidson No. 30 basketball jersey.

The No. 30, of course, is Warriors star Stephen Curry’s jersey from his days at Davidson in 2006-09. Sherman will again be in his familiar spot Friday during Game 4 of the NBA Finals between the Warriors and Toronto Raptors.

Sherman, a Bay area oncologist, has no ties to Davidson or Curry. It’s the inspiration he found in Curry’s story — how a lightly recruited, undersized, high school player from Charlotte worked his way to stardom at Davidson and then in the NBA — that brought him to pay his own kind of tribute.

“I’ve coined the phrase, ‘People of Excellence,’’’ said Sherman, 54. “It’s not that you’re always simply the best at what you do, but that you’ve worked hard to become the best at what you do. You look around, and sports can often can change the world. Well, Steph changed sports.”

Sherman said he can relate to Curry, saying he couldn’t see much beyond the boundaries of the small town in Connecticut in which he grew up, but became interested in becoming a doctor after going to college in New York. He continued his education at Johns Hopkins and UC San Francisco, where he worked as an AIDS oncologist specialist.

“I was researching things that people had never seen,” Sherman said.

Sherman now has a private practice in his hometown of Alamo, Calif., a short drive from Oakland.

He said he has never met Curry, although Curry’s parents Dell and Sonya have seats 10 rows behind him and often stop and say hello.

“I get a fist bump from his dad and hug from his mom,” Sherman said.

A few years ago, a well-dressed, white-haired man approached Sherman to say hello before a game.

“Another person of excellence,” Sherman said of Davidson coach Bob McKillop. “He’s also an inspiration.”

Said McKillop: “He loves Davidson! And it’s great for us to have that jersey on TV like that.”

Sherman said he bought a permanent seat license in the Warriors’ new arena in San Francisco, where the team will move next season. The seat will be in the same spot behind the scorer’s table as he has now in Oakland, but it didn’t come cheap.

“I won’t be going on vacation for a while,” he said.

David Scott: @davidscott14