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Who is, isn’t accused in UNC notice of allegations

Names to know

Who is accused, and not accused, in the notice of allegations:

▪  Debby Crowder: A former administrative manager for the African and Afro-American Studies Department, Crowder was the key figure in the creation of the paper classes and lax independent studies to keep athletes, specifically in football and men’s basketball, eligible. She retired in 2009 but refused to cooperate with the NCAA until unveiling the details of the scam to former federal investigator Kenneth Wainstein in October.

▪  Julius Nyang’oro: Chair of the AFAM Studies department when the paper classes and bogus independent studies were created in 1993 and Crowder’s boss. Nyang’oro resigned in August 2011 and subsequently faced criminal charges for accepting money for a summer school course he did not actually teach. Nyang’oro’s eventual cooperation with Wainstein led to the NCAA reopening the latest investigation at UNC.

▪  Jan Boxill: She was chair of the faculty and a teaching professor of philosophy. She was also director of the Parr Center for Ethics. In her role as an academic counselor for the UNC women’s basketball team, she changed papers and suggested grades in certain AFAM courses and steered students to independent study classes that required little or no work. She officially resigned Feb. 28 after the school began the process to fire her for misconduct back in October.

▪  Carol Folt: UNC chancellor hired from Dartmouth in 2013 to replace Holden Thorp. Folt has been proactive in trying to repair UNC’s image and restructure the relationship between athletics and academics. Thorp was the university leader during the latter years of the academic scandal. He resigned as chancellor to return to a teaching position UNC chemistry department and then took the provost job at Washington University in St. Louis.

▪  Bubba Cunningham: The athletic director at UNC since 2011, he was hired to replace longtime AD Dick Baddour. The academic issues and NCAA violations occurred before Cunningham’s tenure.

▪  Roy Williams: The head men’s basketball coach at UNC since 2003. AFAM paper class scheme had been running more than 10 years by the time he arrived. Was found by Wainstein investigation to have no knowledge of problems in suspect classes and wasn’t named in the notice of allegations.

▪  Wayne Walden: The men’s basketball academic counselor from 2003-09. Records show he worked with Crowder to enroll players in AFAM courses. According to Wainstein’s report, Walden acknowledged knowing about “irregular aspects” of the paper classes – specifically that Crowder was doing at least some of the grading. Walden told Wainstein that he could not recall whether he shared that with Roy Williams.

▪  Butch Davis: Football coach from 2007-2010, when original NCAA investigation into impermissible benefits and academic scandal began. Davis wasn’t named in the NCAA’s allegations released Thursday. “I appreciate the work that the NCAA has put into this investigation, and am gratified that they have concluded – for a second time – that I was not involved in any of the alleged misconduct at the University of North Carolina,” Davis said in a release.