Contenders for the Chase for the Sprint Cup

Kyle Busch

No. 18 Toyota

Season wins: 4

Chase wins: 0

Championships: 0

Driver quote: “I wouldn’t change (this) for anything in the world. I’ve got a great family. I’m blessed with a great wife and a really cool son. You know, I’ve looked forward to this opportunity here as my professional life to go out here and perform and do what we need to do to try to win a championship and have that be the first of hopefully many.”

Owner quote: “I think everybody is nervous. Everybody has realized what’s at stake. For us it’s a big deal.” – Joe Gibbs

Crew chief quote: “We started off with high hopes putting the team together in the off-season and wanting to be in this position. Before we even left Daytona, that was all taken away from us. So to battle back from that and all the wins that we’ve had along the way … is remarkable at this stage.” – Adam Stevens

Jeff Gordon

No. 24 Chevy

Season wins: 1

Chase wins: 1

Championships: 4

Driver quote: “Sure there’s some nerves because there’s a lot on the line. But I’m more excited because I can’t believe that all that we’ve worked for, all that we’ve done all year long to try to figure out how we’re going to close out this career and this final race, and here we get to do it in a way where we get to battle for the championship, I mean, you couldn’t ask for more. That’s all we could hope for, but it was almost too far of a lofty goal to even be realistic, and now it is.”

Owner quote: “I’ve known Jeff for 23 years, and I’ve never seen him rattled, never seen him super nervous when a race starts, and always has control of what he thinks is happening in the race, and he’s just gotten better and better with that as the years have gone on. So he knows what’s on the line here for this one last shot.” – Rick Hendrick

Crew chief quote: “The fact that it’s Jeff’s last year, somebody who has been a huge part of the sport with a tremendous amount of success and been such a great advocate for the sport, but a huge part of our company and our success of our company and a huge supporter of us for so long, I mean, that’s extra added incentive to send him out on top as we believe he deserves. We’re working hard to do that.” – Alan Gustafson

Kevin Harvick

No. 4 Chevy

Season wins: 3

Chase wins: 1

Championships: 1

Driver quote: “I’m looking forward to how it goes for (my crew) as far as how they’ve dealt with it and the things that go on because that’s part of the week that’s just so much different in that it’s not just a normal race. It’s for the championship. There’s a lot on the line.”

Owner quote: “(Harvick) compares as a cross between Dale Earnhardt and Terry Labonte. You’ve got a guy that the circumstances don’t rattle him. It doesn’t matter what the task is ahead. It doesn’t matter if they’ve had pit strategy that’s got him in the back. It just doesn’t faze him, and it’s easy to rattle guys, but he’s just someone that has that calm, cool nature like Terry Labonte had, but he’s got that aggressive nature like Dale Sr. had, as well, and he’s got a good blend of both that makes him so tough.” – Tony Stewart

Crew chief quote: “We don’t look at it as racing those three guys. I mean, honestly if you’re going to win a championship, you’re pretty much going to have to go down there and win the race. If you’re going to win the race, you’ve got to worry about 42 others.” – Rodney Childers

Martin Truex Jr.

No. 78 Chevy

Season wins: 1

Chase wins: 0

Championships: 0

Driver quote: “The special thing about this team is how close everybody is, the respect they have for one another. (Crew chief) Cole Pearn can yell at them and tell them they screwed up, didn’t do something right. They’re madder at themselves than they are at him. We really just have that really good chemistry and belief in one another.”

General manager quote: “Martin, when he needs to go over the line, you see it on restarts, he’ll take some incredible chances. Part of what’s gotten us to where we are right now is him being a smart race car driver and keeping his emotions in check and strategically planning moves rather than just taking chances when he doesn’t have to. That’s the Martin that I see in our car.” Joe Garone

Crew chief quote: “It is business as usual, but it’s not. Obviously there’s a lot more riding on the line, so you’re way more focused, if that is possible. You’re definitely making sure you’re not leaving anything on the table and trying to make the most of it.” Cole Pearn

David Scott