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Panthers OT Michael Oher on Cam Newton hits: ‘He deserves the same respect other QBs receive’

Cam Newton and his views on the hits he’s taken – specifically those have been late, in the pocket and have gone uncalled – have been a hot-button issue in football for the past two weeks.

And though he hasn’t seen the field in about a month as he continues through the concussion protocol, by nature of his position left tackle Michael Oher has plenty of experience at “ground zero” of hits like those in question.

According to his Instagram page, Oher also has plenty of thoughts on the matter.

He posted a photo of Newton, including a lengthy caption.

“Guess this is the year of the clowns,” it read. “Read 2 articles on 3 clowns complaining about #1 (Newton) complaining ... last time I checked every position group and every player on the field come game day complains. OL complains about DL head to the face, DL complains that the OL is holding every play, DB complains the WR is pushing off every play, WR/TE complains the DBs are holding or contacting late down field I can go on and on and on...

“The guy is a QB if he is getting hit late he deserves a flag and I don’t care how big he or how much he celebrates last time I checked those were the rules of the game. Yes he is a specimen but at the same time he deserves the same respect that other QBs receive and that’s the bottom line and for all these others guys to keep the guys name in their mouth it’s just pure jealousy the rules are the rules and he should be treated just as fair as other QBs!!”