Carolina Panthers

76ers co-owner: Panthers, NFL better off with David Tepper; Jerry Richardson made him “cringe”

The Panthers -- and the NFL -- are in a better place with David Tepper in charge.

At least, as far as Philadelphia 76ers partner/co-owner Michael Rubin is concerned.

Rubin, who was a guest on The Ringer’s BS podcast Tuesday, explained to Bill Simmons that former Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson, who was unceremoniously forced sell the team in 2017, was bad for the league.

“I look at Jerry Richardson, he was bad for the NFL. There are people I look at – and Jerry is out of the league so I’m free to speak on it – but there are current owners that I just cringe when they speak and Jerry Richardson was in that category, so I think they got rid of a really bad owner. They put a good owner in place in Dave Tepper.”

He added: “I think Dave Tepper is going to be a really good owner, I really do. I actually like Dave Tepper, I really do; I think he’s a good guy. I think he replaced someone who needed to badly go.”

Rubin, the CEO of the online licensed sports apparel distributor Fanatics, was in the running to buy the Panthers before Richardson sold to Tepper, who is now the NFL’s richest owner (estimated net worth $11.6 billion). Rubin admitted that getting the deal done to acquire the Panthers was something he should have executed because the price was “fair” but said he didn’t think he was the type of owner that Richardson was interested in selling to.

When Simmons said he thought Rubin was fortunate to ultimately not own the Panthers, particularly because of the recent shoulder surgery to quarterback Cam Newton, Rubin offered some encouraging words for Panthers fans in Charlotte and the Carolinas.

“It would have been a great situation. It’s a better market than people understand,” he said. “ … For a guy like me who would buy a football team, I’d be going all-in, financially, to do it. It’s a ton of money for me to do something like that.To buy a team that makes real money is very helpful.”

You can listen to the podcast below.