Carolina Panthers

Three questions with ... Panthers FB Mike Tolbert

Three questions with Carolina Panthers fullback Mike Tolbert:

Q. Did you change up any of your training this offseason after the leg injury you suffered during the year?

A. I did. My trainer and I came up with a plan for single-leg stuff to strengthen up the small, individual muscles – especially around the area I injured last year. We did a lot of single-leg squats, lunges, weight-training stuff to build those muscles so that we have the least-possible impact for injuries.

Q. What has it been like seeing the highlights from Steelers camp and seeing DeAngelo Williams in the black and gold?

A. It’s different. I’m used to seeing him in the blue. I wish him nothing but the best. It seems like he’s fitting in well, which I expected. And I hope he does well.

Q. How do you feel about the depth at running back? For the past several years there was talk about a stable of overpaid running backs. Now you get rid of DeAngelo and it seems like it’s you and Jonathan and a bunch of guys that don’t have that name power.

A. We don’t necessarily need the name power. It’s always been a stable. We’re still a stable of running backs. We may not be at the Kentucky Derby; we might be at the Del Mar Fairgrounds but we’re definitely some horses back there ready to roll.