Carolina Panthers

Q&A: Carolina Panthers WR Brenton Bersin

Ten questions about life off the field with Carolina Panthers WR Brenton Bersin.

Q. Are you any good at golf?

A. Yes, for the average person. I’m not a scratch golfer.

Q. What are you shooting at a decent course, par 72?

A. If I’ve been playing in the offseason, high 70s. I shot even par a couple weeks ago before the season. But then when I start back up after the season it’s like low 90s. Takes me a while to get my swing back. Golf’s all about practicing, and if you don’t practice you won’t be any good.

Q. Where in Charlotte do you play?

A. All over the place. Growing up I was a member at Piper Glen. But then my friends were members at Charlotte (Country Club), Myers Park. I’ll play all the public courses in Matthews. I’ll play the Divide. Go up to Birkdale. Lately my roommate and I have been playing Revolution. It’s 9 holes and 20 bucks. It’s in good shape for a little nine hole, public course.

Q. Do you still have the same clubs that you had in high school or college?

A. Yeah. I bought my whole set off Craigslist and eBay. But they’re all nice clubs. Titleist wedges, irons, Scotty Cameron putter. Girlfriend bought me my (TaylorMade) R11 driver. I had to buy a Secret Santa gift for Coach Proehl two years ago and got it for him when it was the top driver. I was complaining about how I’d get something bad and didn’t want to give it away and she got it for me.

Q. So what did you end up getting from Santa?

A. I think I got a Louis Vuitton cardholder. Like a mini wallet. I still have it but I’ve never used it.

Q. Are you a bifold or trifold guy? I’m a trifold guy, too, but I’ve heard that adult men should always have bifolds.

A. I’m a normal trifold. Definity tri. Bought it in the Charleston Market for $4 a couple of summers ago.

Q. So let’s make this Q&A about random mid-20, male adult things. Are you a guy that carries around a bunch of cash in your trifold?

A. I rarely ever have cash. Me and my girlfriend always joke whenever we go out to eat, and if they have complimentary valet, I never have any cash. I might have one $20.

Q. Can you tie your own tie?

A. Yeah. But I do the normal tie. The double, pull-through. I can’t do anything else. And I never do bowties. I only wear those with tuxes. I’m not a bowtie guy.

Q. So I see a lot of guys at away games, as they’re about to leave the locker room after the game, they’ll slip the tie on over their neck already tied. Do slip yours back on?

A. I slip it back on. I don’t re-tie.

Q. But that’s cheating.

A. If it’s for the game, I’ll slip it off. If we get there Saturday, I’ll untie it. And then I’ll tie it back on Sunday. But before the game I’ll slip it off and then put it back on. After the game I’m not going to want to tie it.