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Cam Newton plays host to help strengthen off-the-field team bond

The Carolina Panthers’ on-field chemistry is undeniable. The team favored to win Sunday’s Super Bowl is also known for its close off-the-field relationships thanks to the time players spend together when they’re not working.

Take the Thursday night get-togethers at Cam Newton’s, for example.

He’ll invite a bunch of players over to his uptown residence after practice for a casual night of food and games to unwind. Players say it helps bring them closer.

“Almost every week we go over there,” running back Fozzy Whittaker said. “It’s just a way to bond and fellowship with each other. And eat great.”

Newton polls his guests on what they want to eat, whether it’s Mexican food, pizza, wings, burgers, you name it. A favorite of the team? Price’s Chicken Coop.

“Seventy wings and five apple pies,” running back Brandon Wegher said. “It gets demolished. And that’s just the running backs.”

Added cornerback Cortland Finnegan: “We probably laugh more than we eat.”

Tight end Greg Olsen is one of the funniest, Finnegan added, as is cornerback Lou Young.

“Lou can impersonate anybody. You give him two more minutes talking to you and he’s gonna impersonate you,” Finnegan said.

Nobody’s safe from being made fun of, long snapper J.J. Jansen said.

“Doesn’t matter if it’s Cam or the long snapper. We’re all targets to be attacked. Even the head coach,” Jansen said.

And there’s very little talk of work, players say.

“That’s our personal time for ourselves to get away from it a little bit,” Whittaker said.

Instead, there’s a lot of basketball and Thursday night football watching. The guys say they play spades, Uno, dominoes and lots of video games.

“When we get together, it’s basically like a big Madden tournament,” fullback Mike Tolbert said.

It’s not just Cam’s parties, though, said safety Tre Boston. Players also often end up bowling or going to another player’s house, such as Thomas Davis’.

“Not only are we close in the locker room, but when we get off the field and into the world ... we’re a big family,” Boston said.

Their fun has continued on the road. Some of the players took a break Tuesday to venture north from their California hotel in San Jose up to San Francisco. They did some sightseeing – Alcatraz, the Golden Gate Bridge, Union Square – shopped and ate at Ruth’s Chris.


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“We bought disguises. We all bought sunglasses, I bought a hat, everybody wore hoods. Nobody really recognized us,” Tolbert said.

Head coach Ron Rivera says the team’s chemistry and goofiness (Newton’s notorious end- zone dancing, for example) has helped them in games this year and is helping them stay focused amid the circus of Super Bowl week.

“We’re able not to be distracted. I think that’s part of keeping your personality and making sure that you are who you are. That’s helped us, and I’m not going to have our guys change now,” Rivera said.

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