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Fishing Forecast: Cold, wind lead to slow fishing across Carolinas

Cold, windy weather conditions generally have slowed fishing across the Carolinas during the past few days.

However, persistent anglers have scored good and even outstanding catches at a few locations, including Lakes Wylie and Norman.

It took five largemouth bass weighing almost 20 pounds to win a tournament at Wylie on Saturday. Additionally, a veteran catfisherman caught and released two Wylie blue cats during the weekend, one scaling just over 50 pounds and the other slightly more than 40.

And on Tuesday a Lake Norman fisherman boated and released 17 hybrids and a striper.

Very high winds have thwarted most angling action along the coast with the exception of the backwaters at Charleston and in the Beaufort/Hilton Head area.

Here’s where the best reports for the past few days came from, and these sites appear to hold the most promise this weekend – if a plummeting temperatures don’t shut down the bite.

Lake Wylie: Largemouth on a variety of lures worked around deep points and creek mouths. Catfish on fresh cut baits. Also, the Plant Allen and Catawba Nuclear Station hot holes are yielding fair catches of bass, catfish and crappie for shoreline anglers.

Lake Norman: Good for hybrids on trolled Alabama rigs with soft plastic lures and spoons attached. Fair for largemouth and spotted bass on jerk baits cast to points and rip-rap. Fair for catfish on cut baits while drifting and/or slow trolling. Scattered crappie from deep brush on minnows. Fair for a variety of species at the Plant Marshall and McGuire Nuclear Station hot holes.

Lake Thurmond: Good for stripers and hybrids 25-30 feet deep off points on live herring.

Lake Hartwell: Fair to good for catfish while drifting and using cut herring.

Lake Wateree: Fair for crappie in Beaver Creek on minnows and Fish Stalker jigs in bright colors.

Hatteras Village: Good offshore for limits of blackfin tuna to 30 pounds when sea conditions are favorable.

Ocean Isle/Little River: Big wahoo offshore when seas allow anglers to reach them.

Charleston area: Reds, or spottails, in schools on the flats and at creek mouths during low tide on Gulp! Shrimp and other soft plastic lures. Good bottom fishing just offshore and wahoo further out over 150/300 feet of water when weather conditions are favorable.

Beaufort/Hilton Head area: Reds in large schools at creek mouths and on the flats at low tide, hitting jigs, paddletail grubs and tan Kwan flies. Anglers should cast to the edge of the schools to avert spooking the fish.