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Hey Scott: A father-son connection through sports

Here are the final three winners in my “Why Sports Matter” contest. Congratulations to Art, Betsy and Gus and thanks to all who entered.

A father-son connection

Sports matter to me because they often remind me of our son. He passed away 10 years ago. He was an avid sports fan and especially enjoyed baseball, football, and NASCAR racing.

When I watch these sports I think of our son and remember the good times we had watching and participating in sports. He played Little League, Babe Ruth, and junior high baseball, and we went to N.C. State football games as well as a few NASCAR races. Those were good times, which I will always remember. That’s why sports matter to me.

Art Szmuriga


The satisfaction of trying

When I was in high school, I ran the mile but never won. Later in life I ran 5k's, 10k's, and a couple of marathons and never won. However, I did discover the satisfaction of accomplishment plus a side benefit of adrenaline. At 82, I'm an avid sports fan with an interest in college and professional. Often times during a sporting event, I sense that feeling of adrenaline.

I learned long ago that we all can't be winners but, we can strive to do our best to achieve satisfaction knowing that we tried.

Gus Manos


Conversations with a Marine

As a toddler, even in prissy smocked shirts, my middle son threw balls full force. Through speeding years, I cheered for him in soccer, baseball, swimming, football, basketball and golf... He followed Steve Smith, Phil Mickelson, and Chris Paul.

To start conversation with my teenager, I woke early to read the newspaper sports section - becoming enamored with sports journalism's sarcastic humor. Now, he serves in the USMC across the globe, and I am fanatical about sports - my escape from the world's worries . . . and - still - a conversation starter with my son.

Betsy Gustafson


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