Scott Fowler

8 things I hated about an amazing Super Bowl

What a Super Bowl that was! I love offense as much as anybody, so any game that produces the most total offensive yards in NFL history and still stays close is an overall winner in my book.

Plus, I was happy for Philadelphia. The Eagles upset New England 41-33 to win the first Super Bowl in team history.

With that said, though, there were a few misfires on and off the field. Here were eight I hated:

▪  If Tom Brady the quarterback had thrown that ball to Tom Brady the receiver, Tom Brady the quarterback would have cursed that receiver out on the sideline afterward. How do you short-arm a catch like that with nobody around? Nick Foles, on the other hand....

As confetti floats down at U.S. Bank Stadium, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles lifts up the Vince Lombardi trophy after leading his team to a 41-33 victory over the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII. Foles not only threw for 373 yards but also caught a one-yard, fourth-down touchdown pass in the second quarter. Jerry Holt TNS

▪  I like an occasional dose of the Winter Olympics, but NBC’s incessant promotions made me feel like I’m already tired of them.

▪  The way Philadelphia chased points early with that unnecessary and unsuccessful early two-point conversion attempt reminded me a lot of what John Fox did in for Carolina 14 years ago against New England.

▪  I’m a big fan of Pink and have been for years. And she sang beautifully. With that said, the time to spit out your throat lozenge -- even if you are fighting the flu -- is not on-camera just a few seconds before you begin the national anthem.

▪  What if I told you this wasn’t really a column, it was just a Tide ad? I kept cringing with all those unexpected Tide mentions, worried that a bad joke about eating a Tide pod was around every corner.

▪  The catch/no catch rule. I picked the Eagles to win and so was somewhat OK with the fact that the two disputed touchdowns were both ruled in their favor, but seriously?

Given the way previous NFL games have been adjudicated this season, I thought that the first one wasn’t a TD and the second one was – maybe. It seemed to me that the NFL was taking too seriously the recent admonition from commissioner Roger Goodell that “Fans want catches.”

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick has always been casual in his sideline attire, but what exactly was this? Tony Gutierrez AP

▪  Bill Belichick’s shirt combination. What was that? Two mismatched shades of blue? A shirt that looked like a cut-off but wasn’t quite one, on top of something else? It looked about right for an August training-camp practice. I missed the hoodie.

▪  The dozens of TV shots of Philadelphia owner Jeffrey Lurie and New England owner Bob Kraft. Yeah, we get it – the two ultra-rich guys wanted their teams to win. Can we move on?

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