Scott Fowler

Do you remember former Duke coach Bill Foster? If so, let him know


Remember Bill Foster?

If you do, maybe you would like to brighten his day a little.

Let’s back up for a second. In one of the strangest coincidencences ever in college basketball, there were two Bill Fosters who coached several college basketball teams apiece in the same era. Not surprisingly, they were often mistaken for each other.

The Bill Foster I am talking about coached Duke to the 1978 NCAA national title game with a great team that included Mike Gminski. He also later coached South Carolina. He is 86 years old, but he is having health problems and has been in a Charlotte-area hospital this past week.

The other Bill Foster – the one who coached Clemson and the Charlotte 49ers at one point – died in May in Charlotte at age 79. At one point, there were two Bill Fosters coaching in the ACC at the same time.

The Bill Foster who coached Duke now makes his home in Texas with his wife. They were feeling well enough recently that they drove to South Carolina for a family reunion at the beach. They have not made it back to Texas, however. Health problems forced a detour to Charlotte, where Foster has a daughter and where he has since been in the hospital with a series of issues.

I talked with Foster’s daughter, Debbie Foster, on Friday. She said her father perks up whenever someone writes him a note of encouragement, prays for him or remembers him in some way.

So I am going to be the go-between on that. If you would like to email Bill Foster, send it to me at and I will then forward it to the family.

If you would like to instead send Foster a card or note by mail, the address is:

Bill Foster

P.O. Box 2432

Davidson, N.C. 28036