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Short takes: QBs you want to replace, and head coaches you can’t

Miami Dolphins quarterback Matt Moore (8) has the easiest job in sports – replacing Jay Cutler.
Miami Dolphins quarterback Matt Moore (8) has the easiest job in sports – replacing Jay Cutler. TNS

There are quarterbacks nobody wants to replace because they know they’ll be compared. There are quarterbacks everybody wants to replace because they know they’ll be compared. Matt Moore replaced the injured Jay Cutler Sunday and led the Miami Dolphins to a victory against the New York Jets. The Dolphins were down by 14 in the fourth quarter. They won 31-28.

You remember Moore. He played for the Carolina Panthers out of Oregon State from 2007-10. He was Young Matt Moore then. He’s now 33. Moore played in 22 games in four seasons for Carolina and started 13. What do you remember about him? I remember that he was a decent quarterback and liked to fish. No, he loved to fish. …

▪  Charlotte’s Stevie Massey won the N.C. lightweight championship last week with a first-round knockout of previously undefeated Marklin Bailey of Durham. There is good young boxing talent in Charlotte and Massey, 24, is part of it. He’s 5-1, and will fight on Christy Salters Martin’s card Nov. 18 at CenterStage@NODA. ...

▪  Bonecrusher Smith, the former heavyweight champion from Magnolia, will sign his book, MAD: Make a Decision, 11 a.m. Friday at Highland Creek Golf Club. Proceeds go to Bonecrusher’s foundation, Champion for Kids. Bonecrusher has a degree from Shaw and served in the Army. And, man, could he hit….

▪  One of Charlotte’s leading Urban Sports Legends is that John Fox, the former Panthers’ coach who now leads the Chicago Bears, is boring. Fox practiced boring for his news conferences, and he was good at it. But away from the lectern he’s a funny and interesting guy.

The stoicism was so predictable, and I tried to make him laugh once at a postgame news conference because I knew it ran against everything in which he believed. His Denver Broncos had just crushed the Panthers in Charlotte, and I asked him if Peyton Manning was he best quarterback he had ever coached.

Talking slowly as he suppressed a smile, he said well, you know, um, well, I guess I would have to say yes.

I walked by him later and he grabbed me and laughed.

You know what Fox does best as a coach? He adjusts. What he does might not work early. But he often finds a way to make it work late. …

▪  Except for sporting events, I rarely get downtown. But I stayed there Saturday. I looked out my hotel window and was stunned. We can commiserate about construction. But if the choice is to stagnate or grow, the latter gets my vote.

Go onto the streets and the energy is palpable, as are restaurant and bar choices. Romare Bearden Park is stunning. Had been there but had never hung out. Place featured so many kids and dogs and people alone and in couples, photographers and readers, the green space a necessary and beautiful change-up.

Opened the curtains Sunday morning and saw that while I slept one hotel and 11 condominiums had been built. They looked good.

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