Tom Sorensen

Will John Fox get another did-you-see-that NFL moment as a head coach?

The Chicago Bears were head coach John Fox’s third NFL team, and he lasted three seasons. Before Chicago he was with the Denver Broncos for four seasons. Before Denver, he was with the Carolina Panthers for nine. His record is 133-123.

The Bears fired Fox Monday. Does another NFL team hire him as head coach? After the Chicago disaster, how could they? You have to feed fans hope. The Bears finished last in the NFC North in each of Fox’s seasons.

Defense is what Fox does best. He was the defensive coordinator of the New York Giants before the Panthers hired him. Would he work again as a defensive coordinator?

If a good friend were the head coach, he might. But he’s been a head coach for 16 straight seasons. The Panthers didn’t renew his contract and he went immediately to Denver. Denver cut him loose and he went immediately to Chicago. The team has been his.

Fox is 62. Does he finish his career in a lesser position?

The Panthers went 1-15 under George Seifert the season before they hired Fox. At one of Fox’s first practices, safety Mike Minter asked, “Did you see that?”

Fox had taken Minter aside on the field and offered a suggestion. Seifert, said Minter, had never taken time to do that with him or any other player. Minter was thrilled.

Fox has a lot to offer, albeit not as an NFL head coach. Be interesting to see how, or where, or if he does.

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