Tom Sorensen

What do we know about the Panthers’ Tina Becker? The answer is notable for Charlotte.

How many people in Charlotte would even recognize Tina Becker? That’s her, at right.
How many people in Charlotte would even recognize Tina Becker? That’s her, at right.

Tina Becker, who after rising through the Carolina Panthers hierarchy has run the franchise since owner Jerry Richardson stepped down in December, is stealth.

Charlotte is a meet-and-greet town. There are clubs and restaurants where top executives gather to dine and drink, even if the drink is coffee. There are women in Charlotte that have their own unofficial club, and it consists of other powerful woman. The clubs share a quality. Nobody in either is likely to know Becker.

This doesn’t fit the profile of Charlotte’s high-profile people. We know our major-league head coaches and general managers, our developers and doctors, our executives and restaurateurs, our athletes and former athletes, our politicians and pastors, and our philanthropists, too.

We don’t know Becker. To run one of the region’s best-known entities, but not to be known, is a heck of a trick. By trick, I don’t mean there’s anything underhanded about it.

Becker apparently neither wants nor requires attention. As the sale of the Panthers becomes imminent, we’ll meet her.

Until then, Becker apparently will remain a woman who deftly avoids the spotlight. How many of us would even recognize her? I’ve spent a lot of time around that team in its offices. I wouldn’t.

I doubt that Becker moves around Charlotte and the suburbs wearing opaque sunglasses, a coat pulled high and a hat pulled low. That would make her stand out.

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