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What’s the root of Patrick Reed’s boorish behavior? Here’s one thing it’s not.

I heard somebody explain Patrick Reed’s, left, occasionally boorish behavior by saying, “He’s a millennial.” But so is Rory McIlroy, right.
I heard somebody explain Patrick Reed’s, left, occasionally boorish behavior by saying, “He’s a millennial.” But so is Rory McIlroy, right. AP

There are people that don’t like Masters winner Patrick Reed, who will never be everybody’s all-American. I heard somebody explain Reed’s occasionally boorish behavior by saying, “He’s a millennial.”

I don’t know Reed, so I have no idea how boorish or rude he is. But to ascribe anybody’s behavior to being a millennial is unfair to every other millennial.

Some of us believe that our generation is the generation that got it right. We had the best behavior, bands and, darn it, we knew how to dress. You never saw our jeans sagging, although you did see the bottoms of our bell bottoms sweeping across the floor.

When we were young we were blasted by the generation that preceded us. So we blast the generation that follows.

Reed is 27. Contemporaries include Kemba Walker of the Charlotte Hornets, 27, Luke Kuechly of the Carolina Panthers, (somehow only) 26, Rory McIlroy, 28 and Jason Day, 30.

That is an impressive group. If you don’t like Reed, his generation has nothing to do with it. …

Patrick Reed and then-fiance Justine Karain walk up the 18th fairway at Quail Hollow Club during the first round of the 2012 Wells Fargo Championship. Reed, then 21, finished tied for 32nd at 5 under that year. Jeff Siner

In the last two weeks, I’ve received at least 25 calls from somebody that wants to sell me a health bracelet. If I’ve fallen and I can’t get up, I apparently push a button and somebody comes out to save me. I think that’s how it works. I’ve never listened to the sales pitch long enough to figure out how the bracelet functions.

Here’s how I function. If I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up without help, there’s no reason to get up. …

TV ratings are the most accurate barometer of interest in a sport. Viewership of the first round of the Masters, and the return of Tiger Woods, was way up from last season. Not sure if Tiger moves the needle or if he is the needle. …

Major League Baseball got lucky with Shohei Ohtani, the Japanese hitter and pitcher who plays for the Los Angeles Angels. Fans got lucky because they get to watch him. His MLB debut on the mound and at the plate has been phenomenal.

Nobody but wants to hear about anybody else’s fantasy team, but Ohtani changes the dynamic. I have Ohtani the hitter in mine but not the Ohtani the pitcher. Be a neat trade, Ohtani for Ohtani. If I remember correctly, I traded a Guzman for a Guzman. But they were different guys. …

The Charlotte Knights play their home opener Thursday. Early forecast for Thursday is a high of 78. So we get baseball and baseball weather. Two for one.

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