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Advertising with The Charlotte Observer

No other single advertising medium approaches the reach of The Charlotte Observer Ė more than 1 million adults in the Charlotte market read our products every week.

Our readers are an attractive consumer group with an above average lifestyle and buying power. We offer a variety of print, online and non-print advertising options to feature your business and attract customers. These products include our newspaper, our main website, targeted websites such as and, direct marketing, and specialty publications like Carolina Bride, SouthPark Magazine, and University City Magazine.

How to Advertise

Newspaper Ads

To speak with an Observer representative about advertising your retail business or service, please call us at 704-358-5400 or e-mail

For classified information, call 704-377-5555 or 800-532-5348. You also may place your ad online.

Online Advertising

In these tough economic times, every dollar counts. Isnít it time to take the guesswork out of your marketing investments?

With the Charlotte Observer Online network, you can:

  • Reach 8 out of 10 Internet users in the local area
  • Find specific consumers who are in the market for your products and services
  • Leverage the power of sophisticated audience targeting powered by Yahoo!

Targeting options include:

  • Geography
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Income

Interests such as:

  • Healthcare
  • Finance
  • Entertainment
  • Parenting
  • And many more

With these superior targeting capabilities, youíll be sure your valuable marketing dollars are generating the best return for your business.

Call us today to find out how the Charlotte Observer Online Network can work for you! Contact Joyce Marco, Director of Interactive Advertising, at (704) 358-5284 or

Magazine Advertising

We have a variety of different publications serving different audiences and areas, including: Carolina Bride, SouthPark Magazine, University City Magazine, and Lake Norman Magazine.

To find out more about our strategic publications, please contact our Manager of Strategic Publications, Darren Frank at (704)358-5310 or

Direct Marketing

The Charlotte Observer Direct is your one stop shop for printing and distribution solutions.

The Charlotte Observer Direct uses the buying power of The Charlotte Observer to print and deliver your insert at the lowest price available. With Charlotte Observer Direct, you can send your free-standing inserts to households in the entire Charlotte area. You can target zip codes and sub-zip codes around your business locations or target zips based on demographics. Our vast data warehouse allows you to target your advertising message by income, age or other characteristics.

The Charlotte Observer Direct will take your marketing program from concept to execution seamlessly. Put our direct marketing professionals to work for you on data processing and analysis, development of your marketing program, creative services, list development, printing, e-mail, distribution services and response analysis.

Our products include:

Please contact us for more information: Darren Frank at (704)358-5310 or

Advertising Contacts

Contact Title/Area Phone
Liz Irwin VP, Advertising (704) 358-5333
Donna Gordon Director, Retail Advertising (704) 358-5280
Darren Frank Director, National Advertising and Direct Marketing (704) 358-5310
Joyce Marco Director, Interactive Advertising (704) 358-5284
Chad Martin Manager, Real Estate, Employment & Classified Advertising (704) 358-5944
Ann Gordon Manager, Automotive Advertising & Special Initiatives (704) 358-5345

Thank you for your interest in The Charlotte Observer... we look forward to working for you!

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