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Documentary filmmaker Scott Galloway talks about “Southern Living Tailgate Playbook”

01/02/2013 3:51 PM

01/07/2013 1:48 PM

Scott Galloway, 44, is founder of Dilworth-based Susie Films. A filmmaker for both the small and large screen, Galloway has produced more than 650 television programs for networks including ABC, History Channel, A&E, Court TV, ESPN, Food Network, HGTV and the Travel Channel.

His recent documentary film “Overdraft” aired on PBS stations across the country and featured a who’s who of involved politicians from both sides of the aisle in a dialogue on the U.S. national debt crisis.

He most recently worked on “Southern Living Tailgate Playbook,” a special looking at tailgating in the SEC football conference for the GAC cable network. -- Michael J. Solender

Q. How is documentary storytelling different from drama or fiction? It’s real and more powerful. With documentaries, there is a commitment to getting the story right. There is something about not exactly knowing where the story is going until I get there that makes it compelling for me.

Q. You filmed President Bill Clinton in his Harlem office. What was that like? He was very warm and incredibly generous with his time. I knew after the first question that his depth and understanding of the issue and ability to make complex ideas very understandable would be great for the film. He crushed it.

Q. What is the simple elegance behind your 100 words concept, and why do people connect so viscerally with it ? We have trademarked this. The onscreen countdown clock (where the word count goes from 100 to zero as people speak) lets people know that this is short; they can invest their time to watch. They are also fascinated by the count; they want to know how this will end so they are compelled to watch. Both these concepts make for great short form film narratives.

Q. What was the best part of the SEC filming? We were at Alabama and Mississippi, I have to say that game days are really exciting and fun. And the food! Oh wow, it was great!

Q. What is next for you? We are working on a short film on homelessness and veterans in support of a group of nonprofits. It is a very important story and one that is deeply moving.

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