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Farmers markets, roadside stands, pick-your-own fields, community-supported agriculture subscriptions – they’re all part of the business that keeps farming alive in this area. Not many people just plant and harvest anymore.

A couple of weeks ago, I violated a basic rule of the kitchen. I didn’t bring my most important tool: my undivided attention.

Emily Gould stood in an Upper West Side kitchen and gazed into a crumb-encrusted pan full of creamed spinach. “It kind of suffered on the subway a little bit,” she said.

Basil is easy to grow, and it’s common to harvest it into early fall. There are lots of uses for it, such as for seasoning, on pizza and in sandwiches, salads and pasta.

Barbecued, skewered lamb, called souvlaki, is sold as a quick meal on many street corners in Athens.

Butter and soy sauce are having a moment. When you put the two together for a simple sauce, you get the ultimate in umami-ness.

Q: Several times recently, I’ve seen the word “nage” on menus. I’ve looked through all my cookbooks and I can’t find a definition. What’s a nage?


  • Looking for culinary adventure? We pulled together a sampling of international cuisines around town. Get packing.

Here’s a recipe that lends itself to togetherness in the kitchen: easy risotto, stirred meditatively, with a glass of wine.

It’s not that the ingredients in Burrito Loco’s salsa are all that unusual.

When Ruth Reichl (former Gourmet editor/New York Times restaurant reviewer/cooking memoir writer)...

I'll Bite

My grandmother's lunar calendar was displayed prominently in her home.  Before planting any crop ...

Heart and Sole Food
2012 Estancia Chardonnay, Monterey, Calif.: Chardonnay drinkers looking for rich tropical fruit and vanilla flavors will particularly enjoy this offering.