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Not only do you have a house full of guests this holiday season, you may have a house full of children. Here are some easy holiday craft projects to entertain the children, including a Cary woman’s tradition of making turkey-shaped cheese balls.

Thanksgiving is the most food-focused event of the year. What could possibly go wrong?

Diners will soon know how many calories are in that bacon cheeseburger at a chain restaurant, the pasta salad in the supermarket salad bar and even that buttery tub of popcorn at the movie theater.

Q: I would like to make biscuits before Thanksgiving. Should I partially bake them and then freeze them, or freeze them unbaked? Or is this impossible?

Although personal preference may have a lot to do with what you consider the “perfect” mash – smooth or lumpy, creamy or fluffy? – there are still tips you can follow to elevate your spuds above the rest.

Diet plays a huge role in stress, and among the worst foods to eat when we’re feeling stressed are ones that we encounter often during the holidays: refined carbohydrates and sugar.

In our search for the creamiest possible pumpkin pie, we decided to take our inspiration from the ultimate of creamy pies – cheesecake.


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They had me at bacon. And potatoes.Now that we're almost officially in the full-on party season, ...

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This pasta dish from Brio is a customer favorite because of the combination of flavors and the lightness and “simplicity” of the sauce.

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2012 Little James’ Basket Press, France; at The Vintner Wine Market, Arboretum.