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Special Report: Safety, emissions tests recorded over 3 years expose flaws in state-mandated program.

A six-day series on the plight of Carolinas workers who put America's most popular meat on the table.

Last year, Mecklenburg Chief District Judge Lisa Bell had a surveillance camera installed outside her house. Her colleague, Judge Becky Tin, purchased the first gun she's ever owned.

A young man from Charlotte's inner city turns to cocaine to pursue his fortune, goes to prison and then finds redemption.

Internal e-mails reveal new allegations of misspending at the Mecklenburg Department of Social Services.

Mecklenburg's impoverished had few, if any, rights as he oversaw one of the most aggressive efforts to sterilize certain populations.

Southern Chase was a new kind of subdivision for Beazer, an experiment in selling low-cost homes to low-income families. The strategy was a financial success for Beazer. But the neighborhood fell apart.