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Patrick Cannon: Inmate 29396-058

The Story

Amid a sea of news media and a blustery snow storm, Charlotte’s felonious ex-mayor entered federal prison in Morgantown, W. Va. Tuesday.

The Facts

– Just before lunch, Charlotte’s only mayor to be convicted of a felony reported to the big house to serve up to 44 months on a corruption conviction.

He entered wearing a tan sweater and jeans, but swapped those for a khaki green uniform. He’ll be allowed to keep his wedding ring and one religious medallion, as long as they’re valued less than $100. Cost of his incarceration to taxpayers: $20K a year.

The Quote

“He had a story that was captivating, where he came from, how he pulled himself up, which is part of the breadth of the tragedy that has taken place. But robbing low- and moderate-income students of a visible and successful role model – to me, that’s the highest tragedy.” — civic leader Dennis Rash

c5’s Take

As juicy and just utterly ridiculous the whole Cannon saga has been (strip clubs, a feminine hygiene company, secret swank apartment in SouthPark), this complete crash of Charlotte’s mayor may permanently disable an elected position that has exalted many a men and women into impressive political careers, from governor to U.S. representative to a presidential cabinet post. The whole thing just makes us sad.

Photo: John D. Simmons / Charlotte Observer