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If anyone is opposed to the South End development plans, they didn’t tell City Council

Art Plaza Perspective (Tryon and Camden)
Art Plaza Perspective (Tryon and Camden)

The development is set to replace the Food Truck Friday lot, Common Market and other small South End businesses. It was cited as a reason The Boulevard at South End is closing at the end of this month.

But if anyone is really opposed to it, they didn’t show up to Monday’s City Council meeting. The public hearing on the development (read more about the specifics here) was last night and, according to the Observer’s Ely Portillo, no speakers at the meeting opposed the plan.

From Ely’s story:

Some in the neighborhood had said they were concerned about the building displacing the local businesses and popular Food Truck Friday gathering, which will relocate to sites in South End and Plaza Midwood.

Jeff Brown, a lawyer representing the developer, said it will diversify the apartment- and brewery-heavy corridor by bringing “the ‘work’ to the ‘live’ and the ‘play’ that’s in South End now.”

I gotta say I was a little surprised that no one showed up in opposition. I asked Ely about this because he’s waaaaaaay smarter than I am and knows development in Charlotte better than anyone.

What’s next? Charlotte City Council should vote on the plan next month. And that is that.

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