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The coming season: Yes, ‘Hamilton’ casts a long shadow, but ... look around (and look for more here)

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If you got up at 5 a.m. Aug. 1 and logged into the virtual waiting room for “Hamilton” tickets (even if you did not find yourself 107,341st in line, as some of us did) – you know:

Charlotte is desperate to see this show.

With good reason, of course. The musical, arriving at the Blumenthal Oct. 10, is the biggest theater event to hit this city, and it’s won everything but a Super Bowl ring for poised and passionate creator/star Lin-Manuel Miranda. As it follows orphaned, penniless immigrant Alexander Hamilton battling his way through a Revolution, partisan politicking, a sex scandal and love in the face of tragedy, it asks keenly contemporary questions:

Who tells our stories? What does it take to prove our worth to our neighbors – and should we have to? How much control do any of us have? (And should we talk less? Smile more? Or neither of those?)

If you care about artists asking those questions, whether you scored “Hamilton” tickets or not, here’s good news: Lots of other art experiences in Charlotte this season will offer stabs at answers.

There will be plenty of rooms where it happens.

Find stories about many of them, plus videos and extensive listings, on the Observer’s Local Arts web page. And expect more through this season – more features, videos, profiles short and long, reviews, plus an invitation to you: Tell us about people in the arts we don’t know about and/or ask us what you’d like to know. Nervous about etiquette at a gallery opening? Curious about how museums decide to frame artwork? Wondering how a composer incorporates news into a piece? We’ll look for answers.

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And figure out how to get to all the places you’ll go – and where you can park when you get there – with our interactive map.

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