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Use these 10 tools to make quick work of cleaning

Keeping your home clean is easier when you have the right tools.
Keeping your home clean is easier when you have the right tools. FOTOLIA

Update your home with some helpers that can make it easier to keep your house in top shape.

1. Extend your cleaning reach. With today’s homes and soaring ceilings, reaching those tall places without a ladder may seem impossible. But the Extendable Pole Cleaning System has attachments for all your high household jobs. $49.95-$179.95, williams-sonoma.com.

2. Ditch the dryer sheets. If you’re tired of finding dryer sheets stuck to your clothes, go with a natural alternative made of lamb’s wool. Woolzies Drying Balls come in a set of three and agitate your laundry while providing the natural softening power of wool. $19.95, crateandbarrel.com.

3. Choose your own cleaning solutions. Sometimes, you like the scent of your favorite cleaner. Other times, you just want to use your own cleaner on your floors. The Rubbermaid Reveal Microfiber Spray Mop has a wide, microfiber mop head and a refillable bottle so you can squirt the cleaner of your choice as you go. $19, homedepot.com.

4. Organize your cleaning tools. If your brooms and mops are slumped in the corner of your laundry room, tidy up with the Evriholder, a five-position wall organizer. $17, walmart.com.

5. Buy a countertop composter. Get a head start on spring gardening by saving your vegetable scraps in a White Ceramic Compost Bucket instead of throwing them away or keeping them on the counter where they can smell and attract pests. The lid hides a charcoal disc that keeps odors down. $14.99, worldmarket.com.

6. Clean and condition your cast iron. Whether it’s the grates on your stove or a pan for the oven, cast iron needs regular maintenance. Camp Chef Cast Iron Conditioner will keep your pans, grills and grates seasoned and conditioned. $10.90, amazon.com.

7. Clean up for Fido. It’s no one’s favorite job, but picking up dog bombs in the backyard is easier when you don’t have to bend over. Scoop, carry and then dispose easily with the Clean Go Pet Sanitary Scoop, Shovel Style. $34.49, overstock.com.

8. Protect your hands. Today’s dish soaps are designed to work harder than ever on greasy dishes, but those products can also be harder than ever on your hands. WaterBlock Gloves keep water from getting on your clothes or running down your arms, and they’re pink and pretty to boot. $6.99, containerstore.com.

9. Erase those bath stains. If cleaners have failed to get your tub or shower sparkling again, try the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Bath Scrubber. It works on your walls to make your bath look newer. $5.99, pgshop.com.

10. Go big on Swiffer. The Swiffer Sweeper X-Large is 1.5 times larger, and if you have lots of solid flooring, you’ll really appreciate that big size. It allows you to cover more territory on each pass. $11.99, target.com.