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Blendoku is a calming, challenging puzzle app

Challenge yourself with colors using Blendoku app.
Challenge yourself with colors using Blendoku app.

Fans of simplicity should like Blendoku, a puzzle game that challenges players to set a group of colored tiles into the right sequence, according to the color wheel.

It sounds about as fun as staring at a wall of paint samples. But there’s something oddly soothing about clicking the swatches of color in place so that they flow into one another.

And while the game is simple to pick up and to play during the first handful of levels, the puzzles grow more difficult down the line.

You can play against the clock, earning kudos if you beat the world average time for solving a level or if you put the tiles in the right order without a mistake. It has a modification for users who are colorblind.

It has 525 free levels, from “simple” to “master.” This isn’t a game for those who love fast action. But give it a shot if you want a calm, surprisingly difficult game. Free, for Android and iOS devices.