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Choose spring colors to brighten your bedroom

Freshen up your room with brightly colored pillows and curtains.
Freshen up your room with brightly colored pillows and curtains. FOTOLIA

Even if your family’s trip to the beach is still months away, there’s no reason you can’t take a seaside jaunt in your bedroom. Putting away drab winter decor might make the wait for vacation time a bit easier if your bedroom is light and fresh. So get out some paint chips and color swatches and plan for a bedroom color makeover.

Be inspired. A good starting point for a bedroom makeover is a source of inspiration. Maybe memories of a trip to Jamaica – where bright, tropical colors include yellow, coral and hibiscus red – is what brings you to life. Or it could be the soft colors of Martha’s Vineyard and shades of beach glass that appeal to you. Whatever your favorite beach destination is, think about the colors that you associate with those locations – are they vibrant or muted, subtle or seductive?

Pick the paint. When it comes to painting, the color doesn’t always have to go on the walls. Consider painting your furniture a vivid shade instead of the walls. Painting your bed and a dresser in a brilliant turquoise or robin’s egg blue will make the furniture a focal point. Of course, you can still paint the walls.

Try painting a dark wall behind the bed, and then go a few shades lighter on the remaining walls. Or give your woodwork a shot of color instead of painting the walls. Try a vibrant color that contrasts from the overall room color. One other option is to coordinate your woodwork with your wall color, selecting a darker or lighter shade. There are many ways to use paint to make a statement in a hurry.

Get punchy. Even if you don’t want to paint your entire room, you can inject a shot of energy almost instantly by picking a single bright color. Take last year’s Pantone color of the year, radiant orchid, for example. This bold goes with just about any color – from black to beige, yellow to green and even pastel colors.

If orchid is too much, try other vibrant colors that are popular right now such as lime green, coral or the trending bubble-gum pink. By just adding a single punch of color in artwork, lampshades, throw pillows and accessories, you’ll unify the room and brighten it up.

Consider soft touches. Don’t overlook fabric as a source of color for redecorating. If you have white walls, then give your bedroom a color bath with new linens, curtains and fabrics. If renting, hang brightly colored curtains on a rod behind the bed to add softness and interest. Artwork is also a source of color. Take your new linens to the fabric store and pick out coordinating fabrics in various patterns. Then staple the fabrics over a canvas to make quick, inexpensive artwork in a snap.