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Tackle spring cleaning with this handy checklist

Put your cleaning products in a caddy to take from room to room.
Put your cleaning products in a caddy to take from room to room. FOTOLIA

Even if cleaning isn’t your thing, you’d have to admit it. A house feels roomier and easier to live in after a deep cleaning, which includes clearing out things you no longer use.

Use this list to get you through spring cleaning this year, and then enjoy the satisfaction that comes with it.

Do a thorough purge. Before cleaning, do a major sweep through the house looking for duplicate, broken, unloved and unused items. Be merciless. When in doubt, throw it out.

Put away. Try to clear off as many horizontal surfaces as possible. This makes the house look neater and makes it easier to clean.

Start up high. Clean off tops of doors and door frames, and sweep the corners of ceilings for cobwebs. Vacuum blinds; dust lampshades. Clean off glass light fixtures inside and out. Wipe down dusty heating vents.

Get behind. Vacuum and clean behind entertainment centers, the fridge, stove, washer, dryer, sofas and beds.

Clean the bedrooms. Remove clutter and clean underneath beds. Flip mattresses, wash mattress pads and protectors in hot water, and set pillows out in the sun.

Clean all floors. Give the floors a good scrub, steam the carpets and scrub tile and grout.

Reseal granite. Pamper your hardworking granite and marble by resealing. Give it a coat of sealant while the carpets are being steamed.

Clean under-sink cabinets. Restore order underneath kitchen and bathroom sinks. Pitch bottles, jars and cans with small amounts.

Clear out the coat closet. Have a missing glove? Maybe your winter coat’s seen better days or your umbrella is broken? Throw these out.

Deep clean the bathrooms. Give the bathroom a thorough scrubbing. Be sure to wash the shower curtains.

Scrub the kitchen. Clean the oven, clear out the fridge and freezer, clean the garbage cans and edit the pantry. Toss broken, single or chipped dishes.

Go through your cosmetics drawer. Get rid of that old, cracked eye shadow and the caked mascara and old lipstick. Wipe down organizers and clean makeup brushes with shampoo and conditioner.

Moisturize furniture. If you have furniture that sits in the sun, give it a drink with some lemon oil. The smell will freshen up the house, too.

Do the windows. Spring cleaning isn’t complete until the windows are clean. Use a squeegee, bucket of water and microfiber cloths. Wipe out sills and brush screens with a soft brush or spray off with a garden hose.

Tackle the garage. Winter has a way of making the garage a pileup zone. Purge, recycle and organize so you aren’t embarrassed for your neighbors to see inside.

Reorganize your closet. Put away winter items and bring out your summer apparel. Organize by color.

Don’t skimp on the details. Last on the list are all of those little things. Change the air conditioner filters, run vinegar through the coffee maker, change the ice-maker filter, and clean the vent hood filter.