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Davidson mom has a plan for life’s emergencies

Where would you go if your family had to quickly evacuate your home or neighborhood? What would you eat if you were stuck on the highway for 10 or more hours?

Questions about how to act when things go wrong have stayed with Julie Sczerbinski since 9/11.

What if the area’s drinking water became contaminated?

Sczerbinski, who lives in Davidson, published a book in March called “The Survival Savvy Family: How to Be Your Best During the Absolute Worst.” It was about the same time that U.S. Rep. Robert Pittenger urged Americans to be prepared.

Pittenger is a North Carolina Republican and chair of the Congressional Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare. Pittenger said in a statement that America is a target for terrorists with the Islamic State group and al-Qaida.

Sczerbinski, 44, a mother of two, said Pittenger’s statement made her believe her book is relevant. But terrorism is not the only risk that a family faces.

“The reality is we can have emergencies big and small at any time,” she said.

The greatest risks to her family, she believes, are natural emergencies such as tornadoes, a house fire or a job loss.

“To have these little plans in place is like having car insurance,” she said.

Much of the advice in her 223-page book comes from official sources, including ready.gov.

Sczerbinski says the information from those sources is valuable, but it hasn’t inspired most Americans to act. “I’m just trying to encourage people to make a plan,” she said.