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Enjoy the smell of fresh paint, not old odors

You've heard it before: Smell is the strongest sense tied to memory. So, if my logic isn't faulty, that means that a home that stinks creates bad memories.

Dutch Boy Refresh Paint is formulated with Arm & Hammer odor-eliminating technology, which captures odors from the air and traps them in the paint film. The latex paint provides a zero Volatile Organic Compound formulation and mildew-resistant coating. Refresh is Indoor Air Quality certified by the Greenguard Environmental Institute and is available in flat, eggshell and satin latex enamel finishes.

Its plastic container has a resealable, twist-off lid and is lightweight and recyclable.

Cost starts at $23 per gallon.

Go to dutchboy.com/refresh or call 800-828-5669 for details on availability.

First-time homebuyers get credit

The National Association of Home Builders has launched a consumer Web site – federal housingtaxcredit .com – that might be helpful to you.

It offers detailed explanations of the new first-time homebuyer tax credit, including how it works, who qualifies and payback information.

The tax credit, which expires June 30, can be as much as $7,500 and applies to first-time buyers who purchased a home on or after April 9, 2008, and before July 1, 2009.

Go to the site for links to frequently asked questions, provisions on the law and other homebuyer resources.

If you miss the deadline, don't say we didn't spread the word ahead of time.

Unleash your wild side

No sense in hiding it. Everyone already thinks you're wild and crazy. But if you insist on trying to fool others, here's some encouragement to let loose.

“MaryJane's Outpost: Unleashing Your Inner Wild” by Mary Jane Butters (Clarkson Potter; $30; hardcover) walks you out the door and into the wilderness of the outdoors.

Featuring tips and projects for going wild on your porch, yard or even rooftop, the book is a comprehensive guide for making the most of nature.

Adventures include: transforming the back of your pickup truck into a romantic bed; rigging up an outpost bathtub; camping in style; hunting, birding and fishing; and crafting, cooking and gardening.

Now, wipe that innocent look off your face and go for it!

Martha Phifer, Orlando Sentinel

Martha Phifer can be reached at 407-420-5259 or mphifer@orlandosenti nel.com.