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‘Contemporary’ style is all about … you

Years ago the first thing a decorator or furniture store clerk would ask is “What’s your style, traditional, country, modern?” Today’s homeowners don’t want to be pigeonholed into categories. They want their personalities to lead their buying choices and let the labels fall where they may. Ironically, by not embracing a particular label we have created a new style category, “Contemporary.”

This isn’t the contemporary look of the 70’s or the modern look of the 50’s. Today’s contemporary is all about color, style, design, lines and attitude. Yes attitude! You have to be willing to listen to your own instincts and buy what you love not what you think you should.

You won’t find the homeowner that embraces this new look ever purchasing a “bedroom suite” or a “dining room set.” They buy each individual piece of furniture because they love it and it expresses their personality.

The Deodat dining table and Wave side chairs from Euro Style is a great example of the new contemporary look. It provides great style, lively color and graphic interest for dining spaces. The satin lacquered table and cheery chairs set the stage for fun dining and lively conversations. If your space is more limited, try pairing the Vasska side chairs with a classic modern table. The chairs are available in green and white.

If pitching out your dark brown Chippendale dining set is a little too radical for you, consider embracing your new contemporary personality on your patio or deck with contemporary furniture such as the Protech side chairs and an Arden dining table. The chairs are stackable and the table’s stainless steel top tilts for easy storage. Stylize the setting with colorful pillows. Select a geometric pattern or an oversized floral pattern from Sunbrella’s new indoor/outdoor fabrics.

Love to shop flea markets or antique shops? Next trip buy what grabs your attention and makes your heart race. If it’s got great lines but the color doesn’t rock your new contemporary world remember that paint is cheap. As your home’s décor begins to really reflect your personality, each item that you select will be a reflection of you and your attitude.

Colored glassware, fun textiles and patterned rugs are easy, affordable accessories that allow you to stretch your personality without jumping off the deep end. Remember, contemporary is a fun look. No pressures, just buy what you love and you’ll never go wrong.

Here’s a little style barometer for you: Ask yourself what’s you favorite color. Not what it has been for years, but now. Then check to see how much, if any, of that color you currently use to decorate your home. If zero, then you need to buy something in that color, immediately. I promise you will love how that makes you feel.

Next ask yourself, how many times you’ve admired a particular look or style and then walked away because you think that would never work in your home? If often is your answer, you need to shake up your décor.

Taste changes, styles come and go but what makes us happy is always true. It’s a matter of surrounding ourselves with the furnishings that brighten our days and makes us glad to live where we do.