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Ambi Climate lets you use your smartphone to control air conditioner

Ambi Climate syncs your remote-controlled air conditioner to your smartphone using an app and a Wi-Fi connection. The device, developed through a Kickstarter fundraising campaign, works with controllers for window, freestanding and central cooling units.

Ambi Labs, the startup company that developed Ambi Climate, wants to help consumers prevent excessive cooling, which leads to greater home energy use and costs. Sunlight and outside temperatures are among conditions that Ambi Climate makes adjustments for. A “Wake Up Timer” adjusts the room temperature as you wake up.

Monitor and control temperatures from another room in the home or when you’re away. Ambi Climate also remembers individual preferences and keeps track of your location so it knows when you need more or less cooling. Preorder for $129 at www.ambiclimate.com.

Karen Sullivan