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Restock the kitchen with post-holiday bargains

By the time the holidays wind down, no doubt you’ll have a good idea what you need to upgrade in the kitchen for next year’s festivities. And no matter what wasn’t quite up to snuff this season – utensils, dishes, cutting boards, glassware, cutlery, pots and pans or appliances – after-holiday sales give you a chance to buy at bargain prices.

Take inventory

In China, many families believe that eating off dishes that are chipped or cracked is bad for your health and brings bad luck. With that in mind, replace items that show wear. Full sets of new dishes will look a whole lot better.

The same is true for big sets of pots and pans. Get rid of scratched broiling pans and mismatched pots and choose a new, gleaming set. Pick up specialty serving dishes with holiday motifs, if those are your taste. Whether you use them for your own kitchen or give them as gifts next year, you’ll get discounts.


Maybe it’s time to swap out all those dishwasher-hazed glasses that look dirty and rundown, or all those mismatched glasses crowding your cupboards. Pick up new sets while they’re available for less. Think about entertaining, too. This time of year, you can often find large entertaining packs of 12 wine glasses, for example.

Serving ware

Many of us need a fresh set of cutlery because most of our spoons have danced around in the garbage disposal. A pretty new pair of salad tongs also might be practical. Other stalwarts like cheese platters or dip-and-chip plates abound, too, and you can put them to good use for New Year’s and Super Bowl parties.

Look for small sets of spreaders to store for a favorite hostess, for impromptu holiday gifts next year, or just for your own use. Pitchers, ice tongs, ice buckets and serving trays are also good choices.

Small appliances

Stores stock toasters, blenders and coffee makers all year. Some of those that don’t sell get marked way down in late December and early January. Why spend another minute fussing over the toaster that only seems to have one setting (burned)? You might even find a fancier model that offers more convenience. Check for specialty food processors, stand mixers and single-cup coffeemakers as you shop for bargains.