Bull shark leaps from river to grab a crocodile’s meal. The action is caught on video

The saltwater crocodile is taking its time to grab the chunk of chicken hanging from a tour guide’s pole. But just when the croc leaps with jaws open, a young shark appears out of nowhere and tries to grab the meal first.

That’s the scene in a 41-second video shot at a muddy Australian river and watched tens of thousands of times on YouTube.

People can be heard yelling and hooting in surprise in the background of the video as the two predators then momentarily disappear into an explosion of foam.

The shark is then seen leaping to avoid going into the crocodile’s mouth.

“Luckiest shark ever to avoid that saltie,” posted Matthew Duvall, summing up what many were saying in response to the video.

The video — credited to Jonathan Kehler of Darwin, Australia — has been viewed nearly 25,000 times since being posted Monday.

It was filmed on the Adelaide River in Australia’s Northern Territory, during a “jumping croc tour,” reported

Adelaide River Cruises promises visitors to the Northern Territory a“very close range” view of crocodiles, which are teased into leaping out of the river with meat on a stick.

“A shark jumped out of nowhere (and) sort of scared the crocodile a little bit,” Kehler was quoted telling “We were expecting the croc to then get the shark, but that didn’t happen.”

Adelaide River crocodiles have been known to grow as big as 19 feet and jump as high as a tour boat’s canopy, according to

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