Mummified cat vanishes from Virginia oddities shop. Surveillance cameras saw nothing.

This is the mummified cat that vanished from a Richmond, Virginia, oddities shop Friday. Facebook screenshot
This is the mummified cat that vanished from a Richmond, Virginia, oddities shop Friday. Facebook screenshot

A mummified cat disappeared from the shelves of a Virginia oddities shop on Friday, but the strangest part of the disappearance may be that surveillance cameras caught nothing.

One minute, it was there and the next, it was gone.

The disappearing act -- which is being treated as a theft -- happened at Rest in Pieces, a Richmond boutique that bills itself “as Virginia’s premier oddity shop.”

“Our beloved mummified cat...was stolen from the store at some point this afternoon,” said the shop’s Friday Facebook post.

“Unfortunately our cameras did not catch it...There is nothing else remotely like this in the Richmond area, so if you see it, please contact us and/or local authorities.”

The mummy cat was last seen wearing nothing but a black leather collar with silver spikes.

Rest in Pieces noted in a followup Facebook post that the cat left behind its leash and tag.

The shop told the Charlotte Observer the mummy cat was not for sale, but was instead part of the store owner’s personal collection. It was described by the store on Facebook as a piece of art by Asylum Artwork, a company that creates things from dead animal parts.

Coincidentally, a mummified cat is not the strangest item to be found at the shop.

The web site for Rest in Piecesshows the shop also sells such things as wolverine skulls, dissected lizards, alligator paw key chains and bisected sheep hearts.

Reaction to the cat’s mysterious disappearance has been a mix of horror and humor on social media.

“How in the world would someone get out with that? It’s not like it would fit in their pocket,” asked Heather Foster on the shop’s Facebook page.

“Could it have wandered away?” asked Grant Brewer. “Maybe try placing cans of wet food around the front and back entrance to lure it home.”

“Hopefully the cat will haunt and cause nightmares to the thief,” wrote Geo Jacopec. “A mummified hairball in the face while they are asleep would be perfect!”

As of Monday, the store had not posted an updates about the mummy cat returning.

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