Texas family set traps in the house for a single mouse. They got snakes instead

Snakes turn up in Texas family’s mouse traps. How are they getting in the house?
Snakes turn up in Texas family’s mouse traps. How are they getting in the house?

A Texas family says it got a “scary surprise” when it put sticky traps around the house to catch one “little mouse” and instead found angry snakes mired in the glue.

One was in the bathroom, no less.

“Now it’s really getting scary,” Danny Brown posted on Facebook. “That’s an indication that a snake nest might be close by or even in our house.”

It’s a mystery the Greenville, Texas, family has yet to solve, putting them a bit on edge, he told the Charlotte Observer. Greenville is about 60 miles northeast of Dallas.

Brown, a restaurant cook, posted photos of the trapped snakes on Facebook April 30, and included a video of one snake successfully using a sheet of paper to try and separate itself from the glue.

That was disconcerting, he admits.

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Brown and his wife of 35 years, Mary Jane, now live in fear that a snake will suddenly pop up at an inopportune bathroom moment.

Brown thought the snakes might be copperheads, but people on social media said they were harmless rat snakes.

He says it doesn’t matter to him if it’s a rat snake or a copperhead. He doesn’t want to step on one in his bathroom in the middle of the night.

Adding to Brown’s frustration is the fact that they’re living in a new house. So far this year, he says he’s found six snakes on the property.

“I sealed my house extremely tight, so I don’t know how they got in here,” Brown said on Facebook. “I have looked and looked for their entrance but don’t find it.”

Their temporary solution?

“We have sticky traps everywhere now,” Brown wrote on Facebook. “Sticky traps work very well for catching snakes alive.”

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