Series of explosions resembles giant worm crawling under Virginia road, video shows

A series of underground explosions 40 miles west of Washington, D.C., has ignited talk of monsters, after a viral video showed the blasts appearing to slither through the earth like a giant worm.

The video, posted by the Virginia Department of Transportation, has been viewed 125,000 times in 24 hours on Facebook, and shows the ground beneath northbound Route 29 ripped down the middle.

Three thousand people have shared the video and 500 have commented, many of them noting the explosions resembled something ominous crawling below the hill.

“I was expecting one of the worms from the movie ‘Tremors’ to pop out of the ground,” GEEK MOB Roanoke posted on Facebook, referring to the 1990 horror film starring Kevin Bacon.

“Is this a clip from the new ‘Tremors’ movie?” asked Claudia Medina on Facebook.

‏”I can’t stop watching!” posted Amanda Slopri on the state’s Facebook page.

“Call Kevin Bacon, those ‘Tremor’ thingies are back!” wrote Paul Wilson on Facebook.

Those “thingies” Wilson references are giant, smelly worms called “Graboids” (as several people noted on Facebook), and “Tremors” featured them eating hapless pedestrians from below. The movie has so far spawned five sequels.

Virginia transportation officials said the video depicted the last in a series of blasts to “regrade two hills” in Fauquier County. The road is used by 50,000 vehicles a day, and motorists have complained the spot has an obstructed view, officials said.

Marilyn Kovac, who was among those viewing the 13-second video, took a more sober approach in her reaction. It wasn’t a monster she imagined.

“Now that will be a pot hole!” she wrote on Facebook.

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