Actress Jennifer Garner goes kayaking in West Virginia, ends up tossed in the rapids

Facebook screenshot

Actress Jennifer Garner confesses she had a not-too-glamorous moment in a river this week while visiting her home state of West Virginia.

She went kayaking near Thurmond and ended up in white water, according to a Facebook post.

“It looks calm here, but oh yes, I got dumped in a rapid,” wrote Garner, who is best known for her roles in series such as “Alias” and films like “Dallas Buyers Club.”

The unceremonious dunking took place in Fayette County’s New River Gorge, WVNS reported. The river is known for having “some of the best whitewater on the East Coast,” including turbulent Class IV swift rapids, according to

Garner, who was raised in the Charleston, West Virginia, area, didn’t say if she played it safe in Class 1 to III rapids or went straight into Class IV territory. She also didn’t give details on how she was thrown in the rapids.

However, Garner did post that she also spent time Sunday at her family’s West Virginia church, and she offered condolences to the citizens of El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, impacted by recent mass shootings.

“I am grateful to be at my family church today where I giggled during service as a child, where my sisters were married, where my children were baptized,” she wrote on Facebook.

“The world is at odds with itself and thoughts and prayers are not enough to make the changes we need — but they are a good and necessary start. We begin by extending broken hearted prayers to El Paso and Dayton and by asking for a collective path forward to meaningful action.”

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