911 caller says squirrel followed her, tugged on her pants seeking help, Va. cops say

A woman now dubbed “the squirrel whisperer” called police in the small town of Pulaski, Virginia, on Friday to report she was being stalked by a squirrel -- and investigators there are convinced she was not imagining it.

“Something happened in town today that you would’ve had to see to believe!” the department explained in a surreal Sept. 20 Facebook post. “Tia Powell contacted the PD in reference to a squirrel following her on the trail near Kiwanis Park... The squirrel stood in her way on the trail.”

The story got stranger still when Powell explained she became convinced the squirrel was trying to communicate with her, so she began following it around the park, police say.

“The squirrel led her down the trail to a baby squirrel with an injured leg. At one point, Powell wasn’t sure she could help and she began walking and the squirrel followed her again and actually tugged her pant leg!” the post says.

“Powell then realized that a cat was attempting to attack momma and baby squirrel.”

That’s when she called the cops. What Powell told them was not released, nor was the dispatcher’s reaction. However, officers showed up to investigate.

“When the officers arrived, both squirrels were patiently sitting with Powell on the ground. Powell (got) both squirrels to safety and back in their tree,” police said. “Had Tia not been willing to trust her instincts that something was wrong, this might have had a very different ending.”

The department posted a video of the squirrels, which has been viewed 101,000 times since Friday. An update to the post was added days later, apparently in response to concerns for the baby.

“Officers made several attempts to have a wildlife group respond and were unable to get anyone,” the department posted. “They did what they could for the situation.”

Investigators did not say what became of the mean cat.

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