Wonder why fans love Luke Kuechly? Watch him struggle with this interview.

Carolina Panther Luke Kuechly is once again facing the possibility of having a concussion, which is for many fans outweighed the team’s 28-23 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles Thursday night.

“There was stunned silence when Kuechly jogged to the locker room late in the first half to be evaluated for a concussion,” reported ESPN.

So why all the love for Kuechly?

Watch this interview with a 3-year-old reporter named Jet, and you’ll understand a big part of his appeal, especially to parents. 


In it, Kuechly sits in a baby chair, pretends he understands the unorthodox questions being asked, and doesn’t act the least bit insulted when the boy says Kuechly will not get the job of being his crime fighting partner.

We also learn that Kuechly likes cookies ‘n creme ice cream and can’t dance. (“The best dancer on the team is Fozzy Whittaker,” he says.)

The interview, posted Tuesday by the Panthers Twitter page, was done in connection with the Carolina Panthers Kids Club for fans 3 to 14 years old.

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