A singing ghost is said to haunt the most mysterious site in uptown’s Spirit Square

Uptown Charlotte has its own ghostly version of the Bermuda Triangle, with three sites within 200 feet of each other that some say are haunted: The Dunhill Hotel, the Carolina Theatre and the McGlohon Theater.

Of the three, the McGlohon is the oldest and the most mysterious. It’s now part of Spirit Square, but was built as a church sanctuary in 1909, complete with stained glass windows and a Byzantine dome. The builders, a Baptist congregation, could trace their city roots back to 1832, when natural springs in uptown were used for baptisms.

First Baptist Church abandoned the building in the early ’70s, and it was scheduled to be demolished. But a citizens group rallied to save it, and so the church stands as one of the oldest surviving buildings in the city.

Ghost hunters have said Spirit Square is an apt name for the complex.

Author Kala Ambrose wrote in her 2011 book “Ghosthunting North Carolina” that staff members told her they have heard a ghost singing in the building.

“It would be easy to discount this as someone practicing in a different part of the theater, but when the workers investigate, they find the place empty,” Ambrose wrote. “The songs as well are not from the current performances, but are old church hymns. It appears that the ghost has been there since the early days when the theater was the Baptist Church, and she is still here today, singing in the choir.”

Employees have also heard the sound of people walking around when the theater is closed, Ambrose said.

The American Ghost Society said it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the building is haunted, since theaters and churches are two of the most common places to find ghosts.

“The entire range of human emotion is expressed inside a theater and this seems to attract spirits who use this energy,” according to the society.

As for what might lie under the McGlohon’s foundation, it sits on a ridge line that was originally a Native American trading path.

There are many possibilities.