Angry rattlesnake resists being herded off road by hunters, video shows

A group of North Carolina duck hunters got on the bad side of a large -- and very irritable -- rattlesnake, based on a video posted recently on YouTube.

The 11-second clip shows a 4-to-5-foot pit viper skidding across a dirt road, its rattle buzzing in anger.

Someone among the hunters tries -- and fails -- to herd the snake with a boat paddle, which seems to only add to the reptile’s irritation.

The video, which has been viewed nearly 3,000 times, was posted without comment on YouTube Nov. 30, just days after Thanksgiving. How the encounter ended is not explained.

The snake was identified as an eastern diamondback, but social media commenters argued it more closely resembled a timber rattlesnake.

Venom from North Carolina’s multiple rattlesnake species typically requires emergency medical attention, according to the NCPoisonCenter.org.

The clip was filmed by a member of Silva Waterfowl, which describes itself as “a group of outdoorsmen from eastern North Carolina” devoted to waterfowl hunting.

“We hope to give you guys a look into our hunts and experiences in the great outdoors,” says the group’s YouTube page.

Eastern diamondback rattlesnakes are found in the southeastern part of North Carolina, but have become increasingly rare due to loss of habitat, according to Savannah River Ecology Laboratory.

The largest on record, says the laboratory, was 8 feet long.

Timber rattlesnakes have a much larger range that includes both the coastal plain and the Piedmont, according to HerpsofNC.org.

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