Sewer alligators? Woman checked storm drain for her cat. She saw alligator instead.

A Gulf Coast town in Mississippi just found proof alligators are living in the sewers.

Pascagoula animal control officers spent part of Monday afternoon pulling a 7-foot gator out of a storm drain in an otherwise peaceful looking neighborhood on Columbus Drive, according to a town Facebook post. Pascagoula is about 21 miles east of Biloxi.

Photos shared by the city show it took two men to pull the reptile out of its lair.

Multiple videos were posted on Facebook by people living in the area, all showing the angry alligator came out unwillingly with its jaws open wide. It then began spinning in an attempt to escape the grip of its captors.

People watching can be heard gasping and yelling in the background, including one man who marveled: “That’s a big gator.”

Neighborhood resident Brooque Snow said she was looking for her family’s cat Monday when she peeked into a nearby storm drain, reported TV station WLOX.

“And there was an alligator,” Snow told the station. “At first, we’re like: ‘Wait a minute!’ So we took a second glance...I took out my phone, took a picture, and I told the neighbors.”

She believes it ate her cat, the station reported.

TV station WXXV reported the alligator was “rescued” from the storm drain and released into a swamp along the Pascagoula River.

The reptile suffered scratches during the tussle with city workers but was otherwise healthy, the station reported.

Dozens of commenters on the city’s Facebook post expressed a mix of fear and pity for the alligator, while one man saw the videos as proof of something he long suspected.

“Sewer gators do exist,” posted Austin Showles.

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