Someone, somehow, for some reason, stole a 6-foot Bigfoot statue in the NC mountains

A Bigfoot statue is missing in the North Carolina mountains, and a sheriff’s office wants to know if you’ve seen it.

“Searching for Sasquatch!!” read a Facebook post by the Avery County Sheriff’s Office on Saturday.

Investigators said a thief or thieves stole a 6-foot tall, 180-pound statue of the legendary creature from Mountaineer Landscaping in Linville overnight.

The statue is of a hunched and well groomed bearded Bigfoot with one of its (big) feet stepping forward. The creature stares to the side with wide-open eyes.

The sheriff’s post included three photos of the statue — two close-ups and one of the statue and the business from a distance.

The post drew a couple of wisecracks on social media.

“I found him in Hickory NC,” a woman with the nickname Gramma Jamma posted. “Size 20 foot at 6’5”. He works at Hickory Daily Record as a Route Associate.”

Others offered more serious suggestions.

“Start with the college fraternity houses,” a man recommended.

Still others expressed dismay.

“Dang he been there a long time,” a woman posted.

“What a shame!!” wrote another.

Investigators asked that anyone who saw anything unusual outside the business overnight to call the sheriff’s office at 828-733-2071. “Unusual” as in a pulled-over vehicle or people seen milling about after hours,” investigators said.

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