Dog chases off deer that broke into Ohio home, but it never came back, owner says

A dog in Ohio chased a deer that crashed through a window and into a home Monday morning, the owner says.

The family pet hasn’t returned.

Tiffany McHenry told McClatchy news group that she awoke Monday morning to an “awful shattering glass sound.” McHenry says she called 911 and armed herself with a baseball bat because she thought it was an intruder.

When she went downstairs, McHenry found a broken window, glass scattered across the floor and overturned furniture, she said.

It was an intruder — but not a burglar, robber or anything of that sort. A witness told McHenry that a deer had just crashed through the window, she said. Their family dog Annabelle, who was “protecting her house,” chased after the animal.

The dog was last seen chasing the deer down the street, WTTE reported. Annabelle, or Annie as she’s often called, has been missing since that morning.

McHenry’s husband, David McHenry, said Annabelle was a 10-month-old puppy when he adopted her five years ago as a Valentine’s Day gift for his wife, WTTE reported.

“It’s been really traumatic mainly because she’s five years old, I rescued her, she was at a kill shelter and I got her for my wife for Valentine’s Day. She’s just been part of our family,” he told the Columbus, Ohio, TV station.

The couple has been searching for Annabelle the past two days and working with local organizations.

McHenry says she has few leads about Annabelle’s whereabouts, and the dog remained missing Wednesday night.

“We are so devastated,” McHenry told McClatchy. “They are our babies and a huge part of our family.”

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