Charlotte-Mecklenburg school board: Angela Ambroise on the issues

Angela Ambroise
Angela Ambroise

Name: Angela Ambroise

Hometown: Winston-Salem

Neighborhood: Villa Heights

Family: Married with two children

CMS connections: Daughter at Shamrock Gardens and volunteer

Occupation: Realtor

Political experience: None

Community service: VHCO, Neighborhood Coalition, NCCI Charlotte,

Party affiliation: Democrat

Campaign contact info: angela.ambroise7@gmail.com

Why are you running for school board?

To utilize my knowledge, experiences, and perspectives to bring a well rounded voice to the school board.

What are your top priorities for the district?

My primary goal is to get answers for the citizens of Charlotte and to let them know that their concerns are my priority. However my top priorities are:

1). Link educational policy to housing policy.

2.) Engage neighborhoods and the business community to support their area schools.

3.) Increase parental involvement within CMS.

What are your thoughts on hiring a superintendent?

I feel we should hire a superintendent locally someone with roots in Charlotte, and maybe even from within CMS.

What are your goals for student assignment?

I want to review student assignment and how this assignment affects our communities. I also want to engage the community on how we should move forward with the district lines.

What should CMS do to address persistently low performance by large numbers of students at many schools?

In education,while it is important to recognize a symptom such as low achievement, it is even more critical to understand and address its underlying causes. CMS should continue to strive to look at those underlying causes but I personally think the answer might be as simple as parent engagement.

What should CMS do to attract, motivate and keep strong teachers?

CMS should evaluate how they currently pay teachers and include a percentage of the teachers salary as performance based. And CMS should provide in each school a principal capable of creating a whole-school culture where high expectations for teaching and learning are a priority. CMS also needs to reach out better to the business community as well to try to offset teacher cost of living such as a county-wide program to discount teacher expenses.

What is the district's biggest challenge, and how would you address it?

To continue to assure that each student can be offered an educational experience that is meaningful for them today and in the future. I would first address the image problem of our inner city schools and institute a rebranding campaign along with adopting highly competitive partial magnets for them all.

What is the best thing about CMS?

There are a lot of great things about CMS ,we just need to do a better job of letting the public know what CMS does I really can't pick just one !!

What else should voters know about you?

I decided to run not because I have political aspirations but as a mother who has grave concerns about the trajectory of children who are currently enrolled in CMS. Also I believe If you have a problem with something get off the sidelines complaining and try to do something about it! I’ve always been a person that others sought out in time of need and I’m always willing to give my all to help. I believe that is what has prepared me for this position—it has come natural to have that servant’s heart. I will work to find solutions and get answers.