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Hurricane Dorian: Here’s where to find vital info before, during and after the storm

Government and other websites in the Carolinas will provide vital information about Hurricane Dorian before, during and after the storm. The sites will list emergency shelters, road closures and how else the storm is impacting your community.

Here are the two key statewide government sites:

South Carolina emergency shelters, closings and delays and other vital Dorian information will be listed on the South Carolina Emergency Management Division website,

In North Carolina, check NC Emergency Management’s Twitter and other social channels for Dorian updates.

To see which gas stations in the Carolinas, Georgia and Florida have run out of gas, are low on fuel or still have plenty, check

Gas Buddy expanded its fuel availability tracker to include #Florida, #Georgia and #SouthCarolina ahead of Dorian.

“When a motorist is near a station that has no gas, diesel or power, the GasBuddy app will automatically display NO GAS or NO DIESEL or NO POWER icons next to the station on the list screen, and the station will be highlighted in red on the map screen,” according to the GasBuddy website.

Also check these key coastal county sites for storm information:

Brunswick County:

Dare County: On Twitter @DareCountyEM.

Sign up for emergency alerts from Dare County Emergency Management at You can receive alerts via text, email or phone call.

Horry County, S.C.: .

Correspondent Steve Lyttle contributed.

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